Principal's Message

"At Johnson Elementary School, we strive to create a caring environment that prepares our students to be socially, emotionally, and academically ready for success." 
Welcome back to school!.  The beginning of a new year can bring a myriad of emotions for parents and students. Some children are excited to get back to the routine of school and seeing their friends every day.  Other will miss the less scheduled days of summer filled with hours of play.
   Some parents might be happy to be able to fill their child's day with school activities, while others may be nervously hoping their child will do well.  Regardless of the emotions, one thing we can all agree upon is that the more success a child has in school, the better the experience is for everyone. 

There are some strategies parents can employ to ensure their children have the best shot at success.  It is important for parents to set a consistent bed time that allows for enough sleep for their kids. Eating breakfast at home or at school (served for free to all students from 7:30-7:45) also helps children prepare for the day.  In the evening, it is helpful for students to have a dedicated, quiet spot to complete their homework.  There are many tips available for parents on the US Department of Education Blog.