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Ms. Foss

I'll be posting regular updates, daily messages to students, as well as video links to homeschool read-alouds here. Please check back at least once a day! If you are not seeing updated messages, please refresh your page.

Website Updates

Check this website for access to all our classroom bookmarks, as well as websites that you might find interesting as you continue your learning from home journey!

Check out this special announcement about Music and Spanish from Ms. King! If you record yourself singing the school song, share it in your Grade 2 folder!
Hi there K-2 families!  

Missing music and Spanish class?  Try out these optional activities.  I hope you have a fun and healthy week!

Ms. King

Mrs. Cloutier from Cambridge Elementary School has said JES kids can participate in a music bingo game she has set up! Go to her website to find out more and print one off.  
Listen to this episode of a kids' music podcast called noodleloaf.  (There are some mentions of their patreon page, but I guess that's the reality of the podcast world)  
Here is a recording of Ms. King singing the school song.  Try singing along.  If you're up for a family challenge, follow these directions on how to record yourself joining in.

Greeting song - Even if you can't define every word, singing along will help get these Spanish words in your head 
Number song - Practice numbers to 10
Spanish colors coloring sheet - If you don't know the colors, use this song to help you and your child learn together

Mushroom Updates

This document includes links to all the paper work materials that were included in your take-home kit. Follow the links if you need back-ups for any of these materials.

Foss Remote Learning Weeks 1-3

Makerspace Updates

Here is this week's Health video from Mrs. Treadwell!

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