Friday, May 29, 2020

Good Morning Jaguars!

Today is Friday, May 29, 2020. I have some special things for you on this Fun Friday!

Have a great day!


Ms. McDevitt

Daily Schedule


Go to the Morning Meeting

(Click the link to attend. Then, click “Join” and “Allow Meet to use camera and microphone.”)

Read the Morning Message (above) 


Reading Minilesson

I filmed a read aloud for you to enjoy today! 

Click here to watch!


Read to Self

You should read from your book bag for 15 minutes. More is better, if you want to do more!

Give yourself two checks if you earned them!.

Video how-to 

9:00 - 9:45

We will be learning about Green Up Day instead of our usual activities. If you don’t have a grownup who can help you with these special activities, you can do Read to Someone Else, RAZ Kids, or Sight Words instead. If you want to learn about Green Up Day and do your regular activities, too, that is great! Go for it.

Part 1

Get ready to Green Up safely by reading this list of tips with a parent or caregiver.

Green Up Day Safety Tips

Part 2

The first thing you did today was read a list of how to stay safe while helping Green Up. Lists are cool because they are so useful. I make them all the time to help me get things done.

Now, make a list of what you can do to Green Up Johnson.

Parent note: While brainstorming with your child would be great, encourage your student to write some or all of the list. If your student asks you to help with spelling, encourage them to listen for the sounds in each word. Students in kindergarten should be using invented spelling and first graders should be spelling with the patterns they have learned. Examples are below.

    If you can’t tell, this says: 

     Green Up Day

  1. Get a bag

  2. Get trash on our road.

A second example (more at first grade level):

Check out this video to learn more about how you can help your child learn to spell. For most students, we are not looking for correct spelling -- we are looking for them to hear the sounds in words and spell the ones they know correctly. 

If you’re looking for more tips to help your student learn to write at home, these are two very good resources:

A video for supporting spelling development at home

An article about the stages of spelling development (scroll down for very helpful pictures and explanations)



Go outside for an exercise break!

When you finish, you can do a mindfulness activity if you want to.



This is a very special Super Challenge Friday. I want you to show me how you can add 2 digit numbers. You have done math like this for three weeks now, but I have not gotten to see it! Try your best and let me know if you need help.

Here are some choices (pick 1 or more):

  1. Make a video of you playing a game where you add two digit numbers. You can make a video on your Chromebook using the “camera” option, then share it with me. Or, a parent could take a video on a phone and send it to me. You could also take a picture of an equation that you make during a game. If you take a picture, be sure I can see the bundles or ten frames, too!

  2. Take a picture of some tools (ten frames, bundles, or something else) or a paper where you show me that you can add two digit numbers. You can have a parent take a picture on a phone, or take a picture with your Chromebook’s camera. 

  3. Set up a time to Meet with me so I can see how amazing you are at adding

  4. Show me in a creative way of your choice that you can add two digit numbers!

  5. Solve the problem 41 + 33 =. Take a picture of your work and send it to me.


Choice Time!

If you want Choice Time on the computer, go to the Wibki.




Music site




Closing Circle

Clean up your work area.

Optional Challenge: I would love it if you emailed me your Rose for this week and your Bud for this weekend and next week.

Have a great weekend!