Monday, May 18, 2020

Good Morning Jaguars!

Today is Monday, May 18, 2020.  

Enjoy Magazine Monday. Also, every day this week, we will have a different, new mindfulness option from Mrs. Treadwell.


Have a great day!


Ms. McDevitt

Daily Schedule


Go to the Morning Meeting

(Click the link to attend. Then, click “Join” and “Allow Meet to use camera and microphone.”)

Read the Morning Message (above) 


Reading Minilesson


I made a video to help you read one of the articles in your magazine. It is a little bit like having Reading Group with me at school! 

Making Crayons

Put your magazine in your Read to Self bag when you are done. Or, put it someplace safe that works for you. You will need it again later this week.


Read to Self

You should read from your book bag for 15 minutes. More is better, if you want to do more!

Give yourself two checks if you earned them!.

Video how-to 

9:00 - 9:45

Choose your own adventure!

You can do one choice the whole time or more. Depending on what works for your family, you should work for somewhere between 15 and 45 minutes. The choices are below (and you can always do extra Read to Self).

Sight Words

Video how-to

Read to Someone Else

RAZ Kids

Handwriting book



Go outside for an exercise break!

Mrs. Treadwell sent me a new mindfulness activity if you want to try it! 



Cut your new sort. (If you’d rather do spelling, then eat snack, do what works for you!)

Video how-to



Today, your challenge is to find something around your house that is kind of like ten frames because it can be made into groups of 10. You might find popsicle sticks, straws, toothpicks, crayons, straws, or pipe cleaners. You want something that is long and skinny (popsicle sticks are the best, but if you don’t have them, that’s okay) that you can tie or rubber band together. You want them to all be the same (you don’t want to mix straws and toothpicks).

You need to find 120 of these objects and tie or rubber band them into groups of ten. 

Once you have found them and grouped them into tens, you should have lots of bundles of tens! They will look something like this.

If you really, really can’t find anything like a popsicle stick, then you need to find 12 dimes and 20 pennies.

Once you have found your materials, put them into a plastic bag and put it in your math folder. You will need them tomorrow!


Choice Time!

If you want Choice Time on the computer, go to the Wibki.




Music site




Closing Circle

If you want to, you can send me an email to tell me how your day went!

Clean up your work area and plug in your Chromebook to charge overnight.