Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Good Morning Jaguars!

Today is Tuesday, May 19, 2020. 


Ms. McDevitt

Daily Schedule


Go to the Morning Meeting

(Click the link to attend. Then, click “Join” and “Allow Meet to use camera and microphone.”)

Read the Morning Message (above) 


Reading Minilesson

We’re going to look at your magazine again. Here is a new video to help you read the P is for Park article by yourself.

P is for Park

If you want to watch it again, here is the video for Making Crayons.

Making Crayons


Read to Self

You should read from your book bag for 15 minutes. More is better, if you want to do more!

Give yourself two checks if you earned them!.

Video how-to 

9:00 - 9:45

Choose your own adventure!

You can do one choice the whole time or more. Depending on what works for your family, you should work for somewhere between 15 and 45 minutes. The choices are below (and you can always do extra Read to Self).

Sight Words

Video how-to

Read to Someone Else

RAZ Kids

Handwriting book



Go outside for an exercise break!

Mrs. Treadwell sent another new mindfulness activity if you want to try it. This is different from yesterday’s.



Sort your new sort. Have an adult or older sibling check it with you.

Video how-to (for how to check your sort -- note that your child’s sort will not be glued down yet, but loose on the table)



Wow! We have been working super hard on building and adding numbers up to 120. Today, you are going to play Two Turns to Build again using your new materials, the bundles you made yesterday. I have added some challenge options at the end if you want them.

Part 1: Get your materials

You will need your bundles, your tens spinner, dice, a paperclip and a pen or pencil. Make a new tens spinner if you need to. There is a picture of a spinner below.

Part 2: Play the game!

Watch this video to learn how to play!

Here are written directions.

The game is called Two Turns to Build because each player gets two turns to build.

The first player spins the spinner and rolls the dice. He or she builds that number with his/her bundles, and takes apart a bundle to get the right number of ones. Then he or she goes again, builds the second number, and adds the two together. The total is what he or she gets for that round.

(Example: I spin 10 and roll 3 for 13. I spin 20 and roll 4 for 24. I build each number and add them -- my total for the round is 37. I write the equation: 13 + 24 = 37. I could also write 10 + 3 + 20 + 4 = 37. Both would be correct.)

The second player spins, rolls, and builds his or her number. Then, he or she spins, rolls and builds a second number. Add up the two numbers to get his/her total for the round. 

(Example: Aiden spins 10 and rolls 5. He builds 15. He then goes again, and spins 2 and rolls 3, so he builds 23. He writes his equation: 15 + 23 = 38.)

The players work together to write an inequality or equation. The person with the higher number wins a point. Tally points and the first person to five points wins!

(Example: 37 < 38, Aiden wins this round!

Part 3: Try a challenge if you have time.

Challenge 1: Instead of rolling a die, flip a card to see how many ones you need. This will make the game a little bit harder!

Challenge 2: Invent your own spinner! Take a picture and send it to me.


Choice Time!

If you want Choice Time on the computer, go to the Wibki.


Library (Link to Library page to check out e-books and more!)

Library Read-Aloud


Music site

Art (two challenges a week)



Closing Circle

Clean up your work area.

In our classroom, we all work together to make sure it’s clean and nice at the end of the day. Is there anything you can do at home to help you like you do in our classroom?