Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Good Morning Jaguars!

Today is Wednesday, May 13, 2020.

Have a great day!


Ms. McDevitt

Daily Schedule


Go to the Morning Meeting

(Click the link to attend. Then, click “Join” and “Allow Meet to use camera and microphone.”)

Read the Morning Message (above) 


Reading Minilesson

Read these lists of words.

high                               bright

night                              right

light                               tonight

sight                              flashlight 

During Read to Self today, do a word hunt for igh words! Write any words you find that have the igh pattern on a post-it. We will talk about them during our Meet tomorrow.

If you don’t find any during Read to Self, you can keep looking during RAZ Kids or Read to Someone if you choose those activities. 

If you find three words, you can stop looking and just enjoy reading!


Read to Self

You should read from your book bag for 15 minutes. More is better, if you want to do more!

Give yourself two checks if you earned them!.

Video how-to 

9:00 - 9:45

Choose your own adventure!

You can do one choice the whole time or more. About 45 minutes of focused work would be perfect. The choices are below (and you can always do extra Read to Self).

Sight Words

Video how-to

Read to Someone Else

RAZ Kids

Handwriting book



Go outside for an exercise break!

When you finish, you can do a mindfulness activity if you want to.



Sort and write your sort. Have an adult or older sibling listen to you read it.

Video how-to



Today we are going to practice building and adding two digit numbers. We have a game to help us learn!

Part 1: Make your spinner

To make your spinner, draw a circle. (You can trace a soup or tuna can if you want to.) Divide it into 3 equal parts. In one part, put 10. In another part, put 20. In the last part, put 30. Your spinner should look like this.

Part 2: Get all your other supplies

You will need your ten frames from our last lesson, a paperclip, 20 pennies and dice. If you can’t find pennies, it is okay to use something else small (Cheerios, beads, bingo counters, dried beans, etc.). 

Part 3: Play the game!

Click to watch the video that will teach you how to play. 

Here are written directions if you want them.

The game is called Two Turns to Build because each player gets two turns to build.

The first player spins the spinner and rolls the dice. He or she builds that number with his/her ten frames and pennies. Then he or she goes again, builds the second number, and adds the two together. The total is what he or she gets for that round.

(Example: I spin 10 and roll 3 for 13. I spin 20 and roll 4 for 24. I build each number and add them -- my total for the round is 37.)

The second player spins, rolls, and builds his or her number. Then, he or she spins, rolls and builds a second number. Add up the two numbers to get his/her total for the round. 

(Example: Aiden spins 10 and rolls 5. He builds 15. He then goes again, and spins 2 and rolls 3, so he builds 23. Then he adds it all up to find his total -- three tens and eight ones, so 38.)

The players work together to write an inequality or equation. The person with the higher number wins a point. Tally points and the first person to five points wins!

(Example: 37 < 38, Aiden wins this round!

*Parent note: Students have learned how to draw the inequality signs greater than, less than, and equal to using two dots by the larger number and one dot by the smaller number, then connecting. Please watch this video if you’re not sure what I mean or want more detail. One thing I did not mention in the video -- some kids are already drawing the signs correctly every time and no longer need to use two dots by the larger number. That’s great!

Part 4: Wrap up! and a Challenge!

What were your strategies for adding your numbers quickly? 

Challenge: Send me an email, video or picture to share!


Choice Time!

If you want Choice Time on the computer, go to the Wibki.


Library (Link to Library page to check out e-books and more!)

Library Read-Aloud


Music site

Art (two challenges a week)



Closing Circle

Clean up your work area.