Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Good Morning Jaguars!

Today is Wednesday, May 27, 2020.

Have a great day!


Ms. McDevitt

Daily Schedule


Go to the Morning Meeting

(Click the link to attend. Then, click “Join” and “Allow Meet to use camera and microphone.”)

Read the Morning Message (above) 


Reading Minilesson

Here is a new video for today. 

Great Gifts for Earth

Here are the videos from yesterday if you need or want them.

Meet a River Otter

Hot Rocks


Read to Self

You should read from your book bag for 15 minutes. More is better, if you want to do more!

Give yourself two checks if you earned them!.

Video how-to 

9:00 - 9:45

We will be learning about Green Up Day instead of our usual activities. If you don’t have a grownup who can help you with these special activities, you can do Read to Someone Else, RAZ Kids, or Sight Words instead. If you want to learn about Green Up Day and do your regular activities, too, that is great! Go for it.

Part 1: 

With a parent or caregiver, watch this video and answer these questions.

1970 Green Up Day video

How is this video the same or different from the ones we watched yesterday?

Part 2 (Optional): 

Create your own Green Up Day video! Will it win the contest?

Do you love to be in front of the camera? Create your own Green Up Day 30 second commercial, or statement on what Green Up means to them, or how you participate in Green Up Day. Email the movie files to with a note that states the student name and grade, school name and teacher’s name. They will choose a statewide winner and with approval from all parties feature it on our social media channels. Your video could be next year's TV commercial! Prizes will be awarded.



Go outside for an exercise break!

When you finish, you can do a mindfulness activity if you want to.



Sort and write your sort. Have an adult or older sibling listen to you read it.

Video how-to



Today we will play a game called Guess What?

Part 1: Choose and get your materials

You will need a blindfold (or you can just close your eyes)

You will need your ten frames, bundles of ten, dimes and pennies, or one of these sites or apps (if you’d rather play on the computer)

Number Pieces App from MLC 

Part 2: Play Guess What?

Watch this video to learn how to play.

Here are written directions: 

One player secretly arranges some ten-frames (you can also use up to 9 ones). The other player asks questions that can be answered yes or no, trying to gain enough clues to work out the arrangement of counters. For example: Are there any ones? Are there 8 ten frames? Is the number greater than 50?

Part 3: Try a Challenge if you have time!

Challenge 1: As players become more skilled the number of questions can be counted. The player who asks fewer questions wins.

Challenge 2: The guessing partner has to write an equation that makes the number.

Challenge 3: Invent your own challenge!


Choice Time!

If you want Choice Time on the computer, go to the Wibki.




Music site




Closing Circle

Clean up your work area.