To Parents:

All prekindergarten, school-age children, and youth should have access to a medical and dental home for preventive, therapeutic and restorative medical/dental care. The American Academy of Pediatrics strongly encourages every student to have a comprehensive well exam every year as well as a dental exam at least annually. 

The Vermont Department of Health has immunization requirements for school age children that can found here. Please contact Jennifer Hadley, the school nurse at JES @ (802) 888-6732 if you have any questions or concerns. 

Health Classes:

In health classes, we are reviewing nutrition and understanding what it means to eat healthy. We are using material from the USDA's MY PLATE standards-based curriculum to help guide our work and discussions. Topics include the 5 food groups, making sure to eat a rainbow of colors, and why it is recommended to eat a diet that is low in fat, low in sodium and low in sugar.