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Our Program

The Basics

JES' pre-kindergarten through grade 6 students are organized into four "base teams" of two grades each: Sparkles (Pre-K & Kindergarten), Detectives (1st & 2nd grades), Green Mountaineers (3rd & 4th) and Explorers (5th & 6th). Our pre-school is funded mainly by our federal Title I and other grants. It is open to all Johnson 4-year-olds, and busing is available. Classes meet 12 hours per week, in several morning or afternoon sessions. Kindergarten is full-time.

The other teams are organized into multi-grade homerooms, with students staying in the same homeroom for two years. Students are usually with their homeroom class for social studies and science (which are taught in a two year cycle), music, art, physical education, and health education, as well as special activities. For math and reading, students are grouped heterogeneously by grade level. 

Beyond the Basics (K-6)

Students have music and P.E. twice a week. Band is open to 4th, 5th and 6th graders. The Vermont Studio Center generously donates art instruction for all classes, and many other art activities are integrated into the regular classroom. Our School Counselor, Nurse and P.E. Teacher/Health Educator teach social skills and healthy living lessons weekly. Classes have weekly library and computer lab periods. In recent years, both the library book collection and the school's computer technology have been greatly expanded and upgraded. We have a 24-station main computer lab; an 8-station lab in the library; and a 20-laptop wireless mobile lab that may be used in any classroom. In the fall of 2009, most classrooms were updated with 4 new student computer work stations, and we've also acquired 10 highly versatile netbooks, which will be used extensively for computer-based interactive tutoring. All of the school's computers are networked and have Internet access.  In addition, thanks to a combination of federal and state grants, each classroom has an interactive "Smartboard", which uses a computer and digital projector to display a computer monitor on a large "smart" screen, which allows interaction between students and information being displayed.

Special Education & Related Services

Our special educators provide a wide range of specialized instruction and support for students with disabilities. In addition, JES has been successful in implementing a comprehensive, school-wide Educational Support System (ESS) that can identify students who need extra help early on and provide them with intensive, individualized support that prevents them from ever entering the much more costly and complex world of special education services.

After school

JES' popular REACH enrichment program for 1st to 6th graders runs from 2:30 to 4:30, on Tuesday through Thursday afternoons. It is coordinated by the Enrichment Teacher and also staffed by our music and P.E. teachers, librarian, technology coordinator, other JES employees, as well as parent and community volunteers. Offerings include athletics, music, art, drama, literacy, computer, science, geography, foreign language, homework club, and more. REACH puts on a musical every spring - watch for announcements

Beyond the Bell is a for-fee child care center housed at and operated by the school. BTB operates every school day until 6:00 p.m. as well as full-time for six weeks in the summer.  It is open to JES students in grades K to 6. When REACH is in session, REACH and BTB merge, with all eligible BTB enrollees participating in REACH activities. 

Step-Up is another JES after school program providing literacy and math tutoring to students in grades 1 to 4 who need extra assistance. Students are invited to participate based on teacher referrals and test results.  They attend the program two days per week using specialized interactive software.  Two JES teachers staff the program, which is funded by federal grants.

  • For more information about all JES programs and services, please review the student Handbook