Hey!  Did you know you could read online for free?!?

Many publishers and online database companies are making their products freely available for us to use during this unusual time of schooling at home.  There are different time restrictions, but all are available through April, some until the end of June. So try out some of these books and platforms, and let Ms. Stender know what you found fun, useful, easy to get onto, or otherwise.  If we find something great, maybe we can put it in the budget for next year!

Here are some reading sites that you might find fun:

Let's Keep Reading! Let's keep reading!  This is a fabulous list of authors, and the days and times that they will be reading or talking with kids LIVE from their websites!  How cool is that?  Want to draw the pigeon with Mo Willems?  Create a Rube Goldberg machine with Sara Aronson?  Listen to Lauren Tarshis read one of her "I survived..." books aloud?  And so much more!  Check out this list, which is being updated daily with more goodies

More Authors & Illustrators doing their thing!    WeAreTeachers has a great list of authors and illustrators to share.  While a few are also on the Let's Keep Reading list above,  there are lots of new folks, from Kindergarten through High School

JLG Bookshelf:  All kinds of ebooks and audio books.  Some you can download, some you need to read online.  A great variety of genres and ages!  The books change every 30 days, just like Netflix, so keep checking back for something new and different!

Kate Messner's Authors' Read Alouds: Kate Messner's Author Read Alouds  Actual authors reading their books aloud or showing you how to draw their characters.

EPIC! :  Can't remember how to get on this site? Email me at  and I'll make sure you're on the Class Roster :) 

PebbleGo:   All kinds of nonfiction subjects!  (And it will read the book to you)

PebbleGoNext:  Nonfiction information for researchers in Grades 3-5!  (And it will read the book to you)

My Capstone Library:  Over 3500 fiction and nonfiction books, with a great read-aloud feature!

 If you need a password to any of the sites above or below, email me at and I'll send them to you.   
I did send a list of some of the passwords home in your packet from your teacher.         

Here are some websites that have all kinds of information, games, and activities:

Wide Open School:  This site has all kinds of activities, for all times of your day!  Click on Schedule: it will give you an idea of what to do and when. Maybe it's time for GoNoodle, or a Backyard Field Trip, or a Bedtime book!  Sorted into different grade levels and categories, this site is one-stop-shopping for all kinds of fun!

Common Sense Media:  This is the go-to site for everything you need to know about being smart online.  Movie reviews by real parents? Yes.  Reviews of kids' apps? Yes.  Great games to teach kids about Digital Literacy? You bet.  Fun games, info about staying safe and smart online, and so much more, this site makes learning fun.



Our Favorite Library Links


Mo Willems' Website                                                                         

Have you run out of Library books to read?  Can't get online because your sibling is hogging the chromebook? 
Well, here's what you do:
  1. When it's your turn on the chromebook, download an audio book or ebook from one of the cool places listed above. Try JLG, it's great!
  2. Move it to a different device that is handy, maybe a tablet or a phone.
  3. Read it offline!
  4. Easy peasy; new books to read or listen to!
  5. How cool is that?!