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Family Reading Night

J.E.S. Family Reading Project 2020

It's not too late!



Dear J.E.S. Families,


It’s time again for the Family Reading Project!  Our thanks go out to our P.T.A., who is generously helping to sponsor this project!  Here’s how it works:


I decide on a theme for this year’s event and find 4-5 books of varying reading levels to go along with the theme.  This year’s theme is   Stormy Adventures


You and your child decide which book you would like to read together.  A student may read with any adult in their household.  Please note that I sorted the books with the easier reads first, but also by theme.  Themes that are appropriate for 6th graders might not be for 1st graders!


Now comes the fun part:  reading with your family!  Try reading aloud a chapter (or three  J) each night! Or take turns reading, so everyone gets a chance!  Have your student read to you while you’re driving!  Try reading aloud while doing chores; it makes housework much more fun.  What other ideas can you think of? 


Come to our Family Reading Night, currently scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th, from 6:30 – 7:30 PM.  We’ll share cookies, juice, potluck desserts, and, best of all, we’ll talk about the books we’ve read!


On the back of this paper is the list of books with a short description.  Your student will receive his/her book once the contract is signed and returned.  Your family will get to keep this book for your home library!



Cut here.  Save the top to remind you of the date and time  J


Student’s Name: _____________________________________________________ Grade: _________

Adult:  __________________________________ Teacher:  ___________________________________

Our choice for Family reading night:

  1. ___________________________________________________________
  2. ___________________________________________________________


We will be happy to bring (circle one)       Juice          Cookies          Other Dessert


Read Together: