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For Teachers


VSLA's Learning at Home Doc:    This curated list is easily accessible by topic.  A great resource for you by a talented bunch of VT Librarians! AND continuously updated

Amazing Educational Resources:  This educator-sourced site was originally a google doc.  It contains 30+ sites that are offering free or reduced rates during the pandemic.  End times vary from 6 weeks, to June 30th, to the end of 2020.

SLJ Clearing House for resources:  School Library Journal is AASL's monthly magazine and go-to place for info.  These are vetted sites.

Stay Cool in the Library:   A great curated list divided by: 
  • Free Subscription Offers for Schools Affected by COVID-19 - similar to the AER listed above
  • Websites For Students to Read or Listen to Books Online -  on beyond EPIC, there's some great sites here. I'll post some of them on the Student Page
  • Tutorials and How-to Information for Online Apps and Websites
  • Other Miscellaneous Resources
Mystery Science: Lesson plans and videos for distance learning for K-5

Encyclopedia Britannica Social Studies LaunchPacks: 
Encyclopedia Britannica Science LaunchPacks:

VT Dept. of Libraries Covid-19 page  Information and links to more information about covid-19

Fair Use/Copyright: some guidelines
Many publishers are giving us extraordinary & unprecedented access to their materials right now.  But this is not a forever deal.  Please be aware of  what books/chapters you are posting and from whom.  It will all have to be taken off the web when we return to school.

Publishers that are allowing read alouds right now: Publisher Permissions  This curated list is updated frequently.  Many publishers are asking that you say something along the line of "I am reading this book today with permission from [publisher] Thank you!" and/or email them first. So please check their requirements.

Info on Fair Use during the Pandemic:   More info than you'll ever want to know, but it will keep you out of trouble.  Here's a link to Houston's $9.2M settlement (the publishers eventually settled for $7.8M), in case you thought no one was paying attention:

Fair Use Evaluator:  Answer their questions and they'll tell you whether you're okay to use the item or not

Can Teachers Read Books Out Loud Online?  A great article from some experts in the field.

The National Emergency Library, website by Internet Archives:  this site pretends to be a library where you can "sign out" multiple copies of a book, so as to do a Class Reads book.  However, it is breaking copyright laws and as of today (3/31) is involved in quite a controversy with publishers, authors, and illustrators.  Read about it here: NPR: authors, publishers condemn The National Emergency Library as Piracy  Basically, the company ships a book to China, where it is photocopied and put online.  Please don't contribute to IA's criminality by utilizing their site.  Thanks!