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Math Enrichment

Mission Statement
Johnson Elementary School’s Math Enrichment Program is designed to offer students in grades 3rd-6th who are excelling in various areas of math a chance to add greater value and significance to those standards they have mastered through project and problem based learning. It also seeks to challenge those students to hone and innately use the 8 mathematical practices when approaching any type of mathematical task. The program also offers all students at JES an opportunity to participate in various STEAM activities throughout the year.

Program Objectives:
  • Offer hands on project based learning experiences for students who are ready to transfer mathematical standards to real life scenarios while working collaboratively to solve problems.
  • Provide alternative learning experiences for students who are socially and academically ready, as identified by pre-assessments, to learn at greater levels of depth and complexity.

  • Provide all students access to enriching math activities.
  • Provide all students access to STEAM education through engineering, coding, cooperative gaming, and robotics.

If you have questions about our math enrichment program, email Ms. Cass at ecass@jesvt.org.