3rd Grade Happenings

We are now exploring fractions in our 3rd grade group! Students are currently looking at the real world scenario of groups of students eating sandwiches on a field trip. They are grappling with if all  the groups got the same amount of sandwiches  and if not, how much everyone gained. Once we finish this investigation, we will use our fraction knowledge to design a bike course!

Current Question: after looking at various groupings with various amounts of sandwiches, we decided to investigate about how much of a sandwich everyone would get if we combined all the groups and all the sandwiches. Students broke off into pairs and solo teams to figure this out. This question focused on using the knowledge of our last few sandwich investigations and applying the concept of estimation to it. Below you will see the four different groups and how they each tackled the problem in a different way! We loved meeting in math congress to discuss the different strategies!

This student used a color coding dividing method to figure out his estimation. He started with halves, and divided the remaining sandwiches into fourths. 

This student used a picture as well, but deduced that halves would not get her the desired outcome. She then switched to fourths and used a letter/number code to get an accurate estimate.

This group of students decided to use cubes to represent their sandwiches. Each yellow or orange cube represents a student. Four cubes were equal to one sandwich- which they decided on as a guess and check method. They then split the sandwiches up and shared the cubes equally to get their estimate.

This student found out that each student would get 17/22 of a sandwich and remembered that the fraction bar can also be used as a division sign. He then used a calculator to divide 17 by 22. He rounded his decimal to .77. We then discussed money and how this could translate to coinage. He estimated the number down to .75, which translated to 3 quarters, or 3/4 of a sandwich.