3rd Grade Happenings

We start 3rd grade with a service learning project. Our country has been faced with a month of devastating hurricanes. As a result, this group of students will be working on fundraising to help those impacted by the hurricanes. 

Current Question: How can we use our math skills to help victims of hurricane Harvey?

For the past two weeks, students have been looking at the statistics from the hurricanes and analyzing the numbers (how much rain, who was sheltered, what was destroyed, how much will it take to rebuild etc). By analyzing and comparing these numbers to statistics within in VT and Johnson, students are building empathy for the victims (empathy is the first step in design thinking). This empathy is giving them a better understanding of the widespread destruction. 

Now students are creating business plans to present to a lender to get a small loan. These plans must outline their products they want to sell, the cost for startup, and the possible profit for donations that will come from their project!