4th grade happenings!

We have just begun looking into various units of measurement, which lead to a discussion about area, perimeter, and volume. Students are now busily working to create an odd shaped fish tank to meet the specifications of fish they have picked out. Students will work with converting between liquid measurements, and computing the correct volume of their tank. Once they have a sketch complete, they will work to build a model of the tank and create fish to "float" in the tank.  Check out a picture of one of the fish the students are building their tank around!
Goldfish Pearl Scale.jpg

Recently we spent time using Mathematical Practices to help us always beat a computer in a game of logic! We have emailed our solution off to the creator and are waiting to hear back.If you want to take a stab at the game, follow the link below!


We will soon move on to working on some problems to get our school garden back up and running in the next few years.