Kindergarten Happenings

The students are continuing to work with early addition and subtraction concepts.We are now concentrating on the concepts of compensation and the commutative property when studying addition while using a rekenrek.
Below is a rekenrek. It helps students build number sense at their own pace. It has a built in 5 and 10 structure, which allows for students build number relationships that lead to various computational strategies. It also helps students to get past 1:1 counting! An example of how student may use the structure to solve 7+8 is below as well.
 Image result for rekenrek 
                                                                                                      “I put 7 on top and 8 on the bottom. I see two groups of five red beads 
                                                    and I put those together to make 10. 
                                                            Then I have 2 white beads on top and 3 white beads on bottom to make 
                          15. 7+8 = 2+(5 + 5)+3”

To watch a fun video on the commutative property click here