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Home Activities for Grade K-2

This list could change. Let me know any other activities that you can think of!
Please complete 2 Music activities each week and let me know what you did through email (mgreenwood@jesvt.org) or send a video!

  • Dance to your favorite song. Have an adult video you dancing to your favorite song and send me the video!
  • Sing your favorite song! Have an adult video tape you and send me the video.
  • Watch 1 show on TV (30 minutes) and keep track of how many times you hear music. Email me your results.
  • Listen to 3 different songs. How did they make you feel? Email me the song and how you felt.
  • Sing a song you know to an adult! Can you add motions? Have an adult take a video and send it to me.
  • Ask a grown up what style of music they like to listen to. See if they can play something for you. How does it sound? Do you like it, too? Email me the song, how it sounds and if you like it.
  • Explore on Chrome Music Lab and try some different musical experiments. If you see a "Save"  button in the bottom right corner you can share it with me!
  • Make music using something you have at home. Things that shake, rattle, bang, clang or boom. Play with your favorite song. Have an adult take a video and send it to me!
  • Listen for music in nature! Go outside for 10 minutes, and keep track of how many different sounds you can hear! Email me what you heard.
  • Give a concert to the birds outside! Go outside and sing these 3 songs to nature: Twinkle Twinkle, Row Row Row Your Boat, and a song from music class. Did the birds like it? Email me and let me know.
  • Make your own shaker using a container and some dry beans, pebbles, pennies or anything small that will make sound. Use it and practice marching to the steady beat. Have an adult take a video and send it to me.
  • Imagine your voice is a roller coaster. See if you can make high sound and low sounds with your voice and move your body with your voice. Have an adult take a video and send it to me.
  • Invite your family to play FREEZE DANCE! Tell them the rules and have a great time!

Home Activities for Grade 3-6

Your choices will be posted in your Google Classroom!I'm always with you