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Technology and Basic Skills

At the elementary level, teachers should strive to integrate technology with the fundamental studies that are so critical to young, developing minds. Reading text is a pivotal aspect of using a computer, so teachers concerned with literacy might employ a program like Raz-Kids.com or SpellingCity.com to improve reading skills. The computer is, at heart, a logic and math machine that crunches numbers at rates that boggle the mind. It makes sense, then, that kids can use it to improve math skills. Here at JES, we have programs like Fast Math and Go Solve Word Problems that allow kids to get the practice they need in doing math at all levels.

Science, Geography, and Social Studies may be greatly enhanced by using technology tools. Google Earth allows journeys to any point on earth, as well as the cosmos! The Oregon Trail computer game allows students to travel through the old west and learn about our country's history.