Back in the Classroom and More

posted Dec 1, 2013, 6:50 AM by Woody Belt
This week I will be back in the classroom for kindergarten through fourth grades. 

Lunch groups are happening again this year but they look a lot different. There are specific days I show up in the cafeteria for a team level lunch. Students must approach me asking to have lunch with me or I will target a student. From there the students do the inviting. There are times I tell a student they cannot come. This mostly occurs when a student has been for lunch with me many times. With that said there are some students who will eat with me more than others as this is a way for the student to continue learning pro-social skills.

Sexual Violence Prevention (Act 1): I have been getting some calls from parents wondering when I will be in the classroom again for the Care For Kids (PK-2) and the new We Care (3-6) curriculum. At this time we are putting together a family night in January. As it stands right now we are looking at having a pot luck meal followed by a movie/activity night for the students while the adults receive a presentation from Prevent Child Abuse Vermont who have trained staff in many of our schools. In fact the two presenters have been in our area schools already. I will be sending out a notice to families well in advance and placing reminders in the Jag Journal. Do you have any ideas of getting the word out?