Before we start

posted Aug 22, 2013, 6:48 AM by Woody Belt

We are days away from starting the school year. For me it feels like the summer just flew by and it was not long ago the school was full of students voices and plenty of life.

Starting the school year can be an anxious and exciting time for all. Parents and care givers could be feeling all kinds of emotions: excitement their student will be out of the house and in school, sad their student is in school and not home, nervous about how their student will do academically and socially, trust in the adults at school to teach and care for the student, or even will my student do something that might be embarrassing. All these feelings and emotions are valid.

Now think for a moment about the student, any student not just yours. Are the feelings and emotions similar? Will the child be nervous, excited, worried, scared, miss home (parents, pets, siblings, toys…..)? Will they be worried about being accepted or doing something embarrassing?

Here are some tips for you adults and students:

·       Get organized: Pick up all the things you will need for school. For most students at JES the school will supply all the materials needed. Explores are asked to bring in $2.00 for an assignment book, pencils and a three ring binder. Of course all students will need something to carry their stuff in so backpacks are key. Lunch box is great for holding snacks & lunch and water bottles, for well, water.

·       Routine: For most families the start of school means an earlier wake up time, changes in meal times, after school activities (for both students and adults) where and when does homework get done, and bed times. The key here is not to forget about the most important time, family time. As we get busy in school and work we still need the connection of family. Many times students come to my office and state they are upset because one of their parents is not spending as much time due to schedule changes.

·       You are not alone: It is important for adults and children to know they are not alone with their feelings. Just knowing that other kids are nervous, scared, anxious can help settle your student. Parents, the same goes for you. You are not alone either.

·       SLEEP and GOOD FOOD!!!! Be sure students are getting plenty of sleep and eating good healthy food. These two things alone really help students be available for learning. A sleepy cranky kid (we have all seen this) is not fun to be around and in a school setting means learning is very difficult and the result is a bad day.


Check back frequently as more updates will be coming. My office location and extension has changed. I am no longer right in the lobby and have moved to room 211 (that is my phone extension as well).