Guidance Classes

posted Sep 5, 2013, 7:05 AM by Woody Belt
As we plug away through the school year, I encourage parents to give me a call or come visit me to look at any and all materials I am using during guidance class. Later in the school year I will be inviting families to the school to talk about Act 1 and the curriculum that has been used in the past, present, and future. 

Many of my lessons for 3-6th grades is adventure based. So your student might come home say he/she played a game of tag for guidance class. More than likely they did!! There is so much that happens during a tag game that students get to practice like honesty, integrity, conflict resolution, communication skills, working together, acceptance of differences, and more. I use activities so students have a concrete example that they experienced and an opportunity to try something new. Besides shouldn't guidance class be fun too?  

Many of my lessons for PrK to 2nd grades involve story books and arts (music, dance, and drawing). My goals are the same as for the older students where I help them learn to read their own feelings, emotions, understand their own actions and the actions of others, and how they can change outcomes through choice. Yes we have fun too!!

Call me if you have any questions.