Guidance Classes Start

posted Sep 5, 2013, 6:53 AM by Woody Belt

I will be with all the classrooms starting on Monday and going right through to October 11th. Pam Shilo, our nurse, will then take the K-4 for health classes and I will continue with the Explorers until November 15th.  

Sparkles: (PreK and Kindergarten)

My first lesson with this group will focus on preparing our younger students for our “clear the halls” drills. I have developed a lesson that will help the student understand the importance of the “clear the halls” without having the students be scared and think every stranger is a bad person wanting to do us harm. Students will understand the concepts of; being safe at home and at school and the steps we take in each of those environments, what to do when you hear “clear the halls”, and how this is just another way to be safe.

 Detectives: (1st and 2nd grades)

1st Grade: The 1st grade will have the lesson on “clear the halls”

2nd Grade: Great Expectations!! We will do a couple of activities around how school expectations change from 1st to 2nd grade , strategies to be a successful student and understanding why these strategies are important.

 Green Mountaineers (3rd and 4th grades)

We will spend the first part of the class doing an activity called Team Tumb O’ War. The goal of the activity is to get the students get to know EVERYONE in the class. Then we will jump into a group challenge. The class will split into small groups and have to play catch. Sounds simple but with all my activities there is a catch. Teddy Bear Toss uses a bandanna and a, yes, Teddy bear to play catch. The catch to catching is to work together. Some groups will have little difficulty while others will be challenged. So let us work on our communication skills, win or lose with respect, and have shared experiences that will help foster a safe community.

Explorers (5th and 6th grades)

For their first challenge, the students will have to work in pairs to accomplish a difficult task. The task is putting a life jacket (gummy life saver) on Fred (a gummy worm) while only using paper clips. The goal is to have the student experience working with a partner and using effective communication skills.

As always, please give me a call if you have questions or wish to see any material I am using with the students.