Guidance Class Week of 9-16

posted Sep 13, 2013, 12:24 PM by Woody Belt

Sparkles: (PreK and Kindergarten)

 PreK: My first lesson with this group will focus on introducing myself and my role in the building and preparing our younger students for our “clear the halls” drills.

Kindergarten: There is an old saying when describing moving a class of five and six year olds at the beginning of the year. It is like herding cats! Developmentally this is the time when the students start to learn about personal space. Our lesson this week will focus on the students learning and practicing how to use their words and not their bodies to express feelings or needs.  

 Detectives: (1st and 2nd grades)

1st Grade: Our grade will explore feelings and making friends. We will be using a book called Wemberly Wooried as the foundation of our learning.

2nd Grade: We are going to Stop, Think and Choose. When making a choice to act, it is important for us to think about our options and both positive and negative consequences to our choices. We will read Harold and the Purple Crayon and make some traffic lights for our desks as a reminder to stop and think.

 Green Mountaineers (3rd and 4th grades)Building community and working together. Our first activity will have the group passing an object around the circle. Not a big deal? They will have many objects to pass, and if an object hits the ground then the person(s) responsible are out but the object remains.  Lesson? In this activity the students must communicate effectively, avoid blaming, take responsibility (honesty), and answer the question: What happens when the work stays the same but the people helping out have difficulty? We will then move onto a modified version of Teddy Bear toss where instead of using partners to play catch we must move the object from one place to another using the same technique used when playing catch. (Ask your student more about what it looked like). The lesson here is to again force effective communication, learn what to do with frustration, and as always have some fun while learning.  

Explorers (5th and 6th grades)Building with blocks: building interactions and communication. The explorers will be given a task with building blocks that their smaller groups must accomplish. There are only a few opportunities to gain blocks for your group as we discover the different characteristics within our group.

 As always, please give me a call if you have questions or wish to see any material I am using with the students.