Guidance This week 1-6

posted Jan 8, 2014, 7:02 AM by Woody Belt
Third and Fourth: This week only two of the classrooms will have guidance due to Monday being a snow/ice/rain day. For this class the students will be involved in an activity which will demonstrate a feeling of difference. The students will be doing an activity for a round and the second round they will use their other hand. We will use their experience to guide our discussions about how we are all different and to accept our selves and others strengths and weaknesses.

Second Grade: We will be using some dominoes and a story to demonstrate the consequences of our actions both negative and positive. The students will see how something negative can be contagious. The same is true for positive things. The students will write something positive about others in their class, without naming names, on a piece of paper that will then turn into a paper chain.

First Grade: We will read a book and move our bodies as we discover we have a can do attitude!! 

Kindergarten: We will be reading a book and discussing how to take responsibility.