Happy Summer!!

posted Jun 4, 2013, 9:41 AM by Woody Belt
As I type this and eat my lunch at the same time there are still a few days left in the school year. Okay I am trying to keep ahead of things, which is difficult at times especially as we get closer to the summer. 

Many families and students are beginning to transition as well. For some students and families the change in schedule can create anxiety and frustrations. Some families are moving out of our district and this can be even more unsettling for the student. There is phrase I picked up somewhere about closure or the ending of relationships: "It is easier not to say 'good buy' because we are angry than to tell someone how much we will miss them." Help your student say, "good buy" especially to the people who mean the most. 

To all in the JES community, Thank You for helping make my first year in this community a wonderful experience. I have felt accepted and appreciated and look forward to the end of the summer when I get  to see all the amazing students. Yes, they are ALL amazing!! Wait!! I am looking forward to the end of summer!?!? Well Sort of...   I will miss the students.