5th Grade English Language Arts

  Reading Workshop
     My reading class is structured as a Reading Workshop. 
    Students will be given lots of time to read in "just right" and instructional leveled texts.  Explicit teaching of strategies and skills followed by meaningful tasks to practice them will be provided. 
     Students will be given many opportunities this year to engage in meaningful talk about what they read.  Testing will be used as a tool to guide my instruction, so that each reader can grow.
       Whether students have given homework assignments or not, I encourage IDR(Individualized Daily Reading) at school or in the home for further comprehension and enjoyment of reading.  "IDR Time" should elapse for approximately thirty minutes, daily.

Writing Workshop
    I am using a Writing Workshop model in my classroom.  This format includes a mini-lesson, writing and conferencing, and peer sharing.  Students will be given lots of freedom in their writing while being asked to write within genres.  They will practice organizing their thoughts to create pieces and develop them into understandable ones with voice and focus.  Students will be challenged to expand their ideas in the revision process in order to produce their very best writing.  As pieces are developed and crafted, students will progress in four phases of each of their works which include idea generating, draft writing, rough drafting and published works.
Word Study
    Word Study is based upon learning word patterns and provides students with opportunities to make sense of these patterns and their relationship to one another.  Students are not limited to learning one word at a time with their knowledge of spelling patterns.  Through Word Study, students become actively involved in their own learning.  Students will be sorting words in various patterns.  This will help them spell, read and write words.