Social Studies

    We begin our study of Social Studies with a look at the five themes of Geography (location, place, movement, region, and human/environment interaction.) Students engaged in a project where they explored the five themes, either by creating their own country or exploring an existing one. 

    Next we will study World History with a focus on the following civilizations: Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient Greece, India, China, and Rome. Students will be encouraged to analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of these civilizations.

Essential Questions:

·        What geographic factors stimulate the movement of goods, people, and ideas?

·        How and why does the rule of law develop in civilizations?

·        How do religion and government exercise authority over people?

·        What legacies have been left by ancient civilizations in particular, our society?

·        How does the movement of ideas, goods, and people affect cultures?

·        How does trade affect culture?

·        How do different economic systems affect people’s daily lives?

Guiding Questions:

·        What significant contributions were made during ancient times that advanced science, technology, and the arts?