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Welcome to classroom 404. Now that we are past the February break, we have wrapped up our Earth Science unit and have begun Geography in Social Studies. Students will learn how to use Relative Location and how to plot the Absolute Location of specific points on the globe. One project will be a world map labeled with the continents, oceans, some major rivers, and specific countries and cities. From this perspective of the global community, the class will choose a country for the Adopt A Country project. Students will create a brochure from the research they have done relating the five elements of Geography - Location, Place (physical and human characteristics), Human and Environmental Interaction, Movement (the interconnection of different places), and Regions.
In Language Arts, students have established the routine of focused independent reading in the "Just Right Book". Students are expected to read at home every weekend and during vacations. Response Logs are checked and students earn points toward free books. They may also have a Log assigned during the week.
Guided Reading groups meet most LA periods and respond to the assigned focus of their reading in their Reading Response Journal. Their most recent genre for groups is nonfiction.
The Night Gardener is our current Dorothy Canfield Fisher read-aloud book. The class designed and created a door-sized poster for the I Love to Read week exhibit, and it is beautiful. Every student contributed something. You can see the poster by right clicking on the 'Night Gardener' docx. and Open Link in New Window.
Spelling lists have been generated from the Elementary Spelling Inventory screening and Words Their Way. Frequently misspelled sight words and words misspelled in their written responses in journals are included with word lists of specific spelling patterns.
In Math, students are expected to be fluent in their multiplication facts up to twelve. These basic skills are needed for factoring and work with fractions. All students were given multiplication charts and vis a vis pens to take home for practice. Only two students have done their recitation of facts!
We are currently working on fractional reasoning. Students are expected to be able to represent their understanding of fractions using arrays, rectangular area models, and partitioned number lines as well as numerically. We have a long term data collection and analysis project using information students gathered in a blind survey of the staff. Students will be expected to present the information in fractional terms as well as percentages. There is ongoing practice of the multi-digit algorithm for multiplication and the standard algorithm for division.
Please call or Email if you have any questions. I can be reached at 635 2211 ext. 404, 644 5683, or
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