Third Grade

            Language Arts and Math homework will be assigned on Fridays and be due back to school on the following Thursday. By sending it home on Fridays it allows students who have hectic schedules (hunter's safety, soccer, 4H…) to get a head start. All students will be required to put homework in their Blue Friday Folders (along with the Jaguar Journals) so that we can ensure that homework gets home and parents know where and when to expect the assignments. Language Arts homework will comprise of independent reading with a response, studying for the Thursday spelling test and a comprehension exercise.


Fourth Grade

To better prepare students for fifth grade and beyond, fourth graders will be given daily homework assignments in Language Arts and Math, from Monday to Thursday.  Assignments will be short and will be an extension or practice of class work.  As time management is an important skill to work on, students may have homework completed before they come home.  Teachers will notify you if there are any homework issues.