Science and Social Studies

Students in Science and Social Studies will work individually, with partners and in groups this year to study the following in Science and Social Studies.


  Homeroom science is taught using inquiry and the scientific method. All science starts with a testable question or a problem. The scientist then predicts what (s)he thinks the answer to the problem is by making a hypothesis. This hypothesis is then tested by a fair test; an experiment where variables are considered and controlled. Having made observations in the experiment, the scientist then can determine if their hypothesis was correct and the problem can be answered and proved. This will then generate another problem or question that can then be investigated.

Some of our inquiry focuses this year include forces and life science; namely how structures and behavior allows an organism to survive.



Social Studies will use inquiry to concentrate on six strands

Physical Geography

Cultural Geography


Government and Society



Economics is the primary area of study for this school year.