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Daley - Literacy


In 3rd grade, we use a Reader's Workshop format. It is split into three parts.
  1. Mini Lesson -  Developed from Lucy Calkins' Grade 3 curriculum. These lesson are designed to be accessible for all students regardless of their reading level. A specific skill or concept will be modeled using interactive read alouds and activities. 
  2. IDR (Independent Reading) - This portion will look different for each student each day. It may include: independent reading of self-selected texts practicing modeled skills, partner reading, reading on the Chrome Book, guided reading groups, literacy circles, written responses to reading. The small guided reading groups will have individualized instruction and are created based on reading level and particular areas/skills that students have room to improve in. Guided reading groups will begin in a few weeks after students' reading levels have been assessed this fall.
  3. Share - At the end of Reader's Workshop each day, students gather together to review the mini lesson and share about what they have been reading.

Unit 1 - Building a Reading Life
Unit 2 - Reading to Learn: Main Idea and Text Structures
Unit 3 - Character Studies
Unit 4 - Research Clubs


In general, Writer's workshop will consist of a mini-lesson, independent writing time, and an opportunity to share at the end, similar to Reading Workshop. During independent writing, students will also have many opportunities to both conference with the teacher and give each other peer feedback.

This year, students will continue to improve their skills as narrative, informational, and opinion writers.

Unit 1 - Personal Narratives
Unit 2 - Opinion 
Unit 3 - Informational
Unit 4 - Fairy Tales

Word Study (spelling)

For spelling, phonics, and vocabulary instruction this year, we will use the Words Their Way program. All students have completed a baseline assessment and will work in differentiated small groups for spelling. Each week, small groups of students will receive a list of words to study and discover the common attributes. Throughout each week students will work independently, in partners, and in a small group to do a variety of activities and games with their words, including:

Word Sort

Word Hunt

Blind Sort

Speed Sort


Looking up definitions


Go Fish



These activities will help students build a strong understanding of spelling patterns that can be applied to many words, not just the ones in their sort this week!