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Mrs. Wheeler's Language Arts Page


We implement the Reader's Workshop model in 3rd grade. Reader's Workshop lessons are broken down into three parts:

1. Mini Lesson--Skills or concepts will be modeled using various interactive mentor texts.

2. Individualized Daily Reading(IDR)--This part will look different for each student each day.  Activities during IDR include:
Independent reading of self-selected texts in which students practice a skill or concept that has been previously taught and modeled.

b.)  Conferences with a teacher on independent reading or written response work.

c.)  Guided reading in small groups with a particular focus.

d.)  Literature discussion groups

e.)  Written work - responses to text, graphic organizing, spelling, word work and more!

3. Closing/Share--we end Reader's Workshop by coming back together as a group to review the mini lesson and talk about our reading

Students will become word detectives this year as they dive into word study!  In this approach to spelling, the "rules" are not dictated by me for students to memorize.  Rather, spelling patterns and generalizations are discovered by students through various interactive and engaging activities. By discovering and understanding these patterns, students need not learn to spell one word at a time. 

I honor the fact that students are unique and at different stages in spelling. As such, word study instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of all learners.


In addition to Reader's Workshop, students will also participate in Writer's Workshop!  Writer's Workshop is a time for students to develop ideas, write about things that interest them, and craft fabulous stories.  The class spent time at the beginning of the year personalizing plain composition notebooks, and we ended up with a group of truly unique Writer's Notebooks! 

Students will be asked to write within certain genres during Writer's
Workshop, but they will also be given a lot of freedom as writing can be both a very personal and open-ended subject.