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Hello, and thank you for checking out the Johnson Elementary Preschool!
We have had a very busy fall season, apple picking, singing, moving and grooving, and just recently had the pleasure of a visit from the Johnson Fire Deptartment and Police Officers from the Lamoille Sheriff's Department! One of them even brought his police dog!!! It all went well as we had wrapped up a unit on safety and people in our community!

Currently, we are starting to focus on rhyming as this is such an important skill to help us learn to read. Please practice rhyming your family and pet names at home as well as short words: cat, hat, pat, sat..., hot, pot, rot, lot..., pig, dig, wig, jig..., cup, pup, mup, lup...,  and lastly; pet, jet, set, bet...
The more you play with rhyming the better off your child will be with later language skills. It's fine if the words do not make sense or are not real words, as long as they rhyme.

We are also counting objects, at least to 5 and adding the correct amount for each number. We use our calendar daily to help us with number identification, and counting skills. Recently, we were sorting different colored paper apples, and then moved on to baggies that had items to sort at least two ways; color, size, type. After practicing this skill a few times, I then did a quick assessment on sorting. Children were able to trade in their sorting bag for a different bag when done. Some children sorted at least 4 different baggies with items that could be sorted as I mentioned, at least two ways!

We are also working on the sound and the first letter in our names. Curently, we are working on the following letters: /Pp/, /Oo/, /Bb/, and /Hh/, reviewing- /Ss/, /Tt/, and /Mm/. Please check and see if your child can do any of these!!!


Looking For...

I am looking for rice, colored sand, yarn, boys/girls sneakers for 3-5 year olds, and good used ski pants you could donate to the classroom. Thank you!

As always if you have any questions, concerns please give me a call at 888-6751or email me at

Gloria Breisach,
Aug 31, 2015, 9:12 AM