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Well, it sure is nice to get snow instead of ice and rain! Now perhaps we can go out to our playground and really enjoy this fluffy snow! Please label your child's clothing and winter boots, a lot of children have the exact same winter items and can become mixed up.

We will have our Valentine's Day party on Wednesday, February 14th, the A.M. session will be from 10:10-10:45 and the P.M. party will be from 1:40-2:15, please join us if you can. You may send in the requested item the day before if you prefer.

As part of our pattern unit, we painted patterns using a large sized grid paper and watercolors, the resuls are beautiful!
We also used a baggie of different items that each child received and then each child needed to create at least one pattern with the items. We used things like little critters, buttons, colored cubes, plastic silverwear, and shapes. 
Yet another pattern activity we did was to select two colored beads, that were different sizes and make a pattern necklace, which I'm sure you saw come home!

We will start some name writing activities soon and last week we did a letter hunt where children needed to find the first letter in their name and then put that letter to the rest of their name in the form of a puzzle. Everyone enjoyed the search and the terrific story I read by Keven Henkes,Chrysanthemum which is about a mouse who has a litte trouble at school with her very long name, but it all turns out for the best. I did a quick survey of who liked their own name and explained how difficult it is for Mom and dad to pick the perfect name for a baby. The results are that every child in both sessions, just loves his/her own name, just like Chrysanthemum!

Rhyming is such an important early lietracy skill to master! We are working on rhyming with stories I read and check to see who can finish the rhyme or can recognize the rhyme. We have also enjoyed several activities to help teach this all important skill!

We continue to work on identifying numbers to at least 10 and the 1-1 correspondence to 10. Please practice this important skill at home as well, thank you!

We recently wrapped up a unit on shapes. My goal is for children entering kindergarten to at least have all 4 of the basic shapes down: square, rectangle, circle, and triangle and to be able to express the attributes of that shape. For example; a circle is a never ending curved line, or a trianle has three sides. We also worked on learning octagons, rhombus/diamond, crescents, and ovals.


Looking For...

I am looking for rice, colored sand, yarn, boys/girls sneakers for 3-5 year olds, and good used ski pants you could donate to the classroom. Thank you!

As always if you have any questions, concerns please give me a call or email me at

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Gloria Breisach,
Aug 31, 2015, 9:12 AM