Glo Breisach - Preschool Teacher

Welcome to the Johnson Elementary School Preschool page!

Calling all 3 and 4 year olds to join us for our Preschool screenings on April 29th (Monday) or May 1st (Wednesday) Please call the office to make an appointment at 888-6736 or 888-6727. Please bring your child, immunization records, and proof of residency with you. If you have a 5 year old child and recently moved to Johnson or your child didn't attend preschool at Johnson Elementary School, please contact the office if you are planning on having your child attend kindergarten. Thank you, we look forward to seeing you and your child!

For current families:
We have started name writing activities and everyone is very excited to practice their very own special name! We have also painted our names with different art mediums, and will be doing name puzzles soon!

Rhyming is such an important early lietracy skill to master! We revisit rhyming with stories I read and check to see who can finish the rhyme or can recognize the rhyme. We have also enjoyed several activities to help teach this all important skill!

We continue to work on identifying numbers to at least 10 and 1-1 correspondence to 10. Some children were also doing numbers 11-20. We are practicing putting the numbers in the correct order with the correct amount for each. Please practice this important skill at home as well, thank you!

After our spring (I hope it warms up!) vacation we will be doing a unit on plants and we will be hatching chicks in our little incubator! We have discussed recycling, and this week we worked on learning some songs about the environment and talked about how we can help our planet, and wildlife.


Looking For...

I am looking for rice, colored sand, yarn, boys/girls sneakers for 3-5 year olds, and good used ski pants you could donate to the classroom. Thank you!

  ** Our last day of Preschool is Friday, June 7th. I am planning on having us go to Lake Eden for a fun filled last day! I am searching for life guards!!! Please let me know if you know anyone who could join us that day, they will be paid for the day. Thank you!

As always if you have any questions, concerns please give me a call at 888-6751or email me at

Gloria Breisach,
Aug 31, 2015, 9:12 AM