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All About Me!


My name is Dedra Ann Dolan.  I was born a long time ago when a loaf of bread cost about 25 cents.  My mom and her parents before her, were life long residents of the wonderful town of Johnson, Vermont.  When I was just a baby my parents bought a tiny house on the end of Railroad Street where I grew up with my parents, two sisters and my Grampa living next door. I attended Johnson Elementary School as a child, but it was much smaller then.  We fondly called it "The Little School" back then!!  LUHS served me well during high school.  I  attended Johnson State College and became a teacher in 1989!  I was hired as a Kindergarten teacher at the Johnson Elementary School where I continue to teach today.   My  home is just a 100 feet from my childhood home where I live with my two daughters, Dreanna and Delaney,  my foster daughter, Susanne,  three dogs, five cats and two fish! I often say, I have very deep, strong roots and a true commitment to the community and children of Johnson.

I Can Zip and Tie!

I CAN ZIP and I CAN TIE are words I am eager to hear coming out of the mouths of the kids.  I have an incentive to help kids get motivated to learn these sometimes challenging skills.  Kids who learn to zip get recognition on the bulletin board.  Those who can zip and tie will get a certificate of accomplishment and will be able to pick a fancy pair of shoe laces for a prize. 


Contact Information

It is often true that the five year old child seldom communicates at home about his/her experiences at school.  In anticipation of this, I am planning to write often to touch base and explain some of the important activities and events in your child’s day.  In return, please feel free to share with me important events in your child’s life that would help me to better meet her/his needs here at school.

Communication with parents is very important to me.  Please feel free to call me at 888-6752 or email me at with general questions or comment.

Kindergarten Field Trip Notifications:

    Our next Science unit will focus on farming in Vermont.  We will learn about a variety of agricultural opportunities right here in our own backyard.  


If you plan to be a chaperone at any time during this school year, we encourage you to sign the chaperone agreement form and send it back to school to keep on file for the year.  We organize many field trips in Kindergarten and children love having their parents/grandparents come along.   




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Later is October we will be off on another trip!! 

 Our dramatic play area will be converted into a farm yard complete with stuffed farm animals, overalls and farming supplies.  We will be reading, writing and smelling farms!!  No, that part we will leave out!     Luckily, we will have an opportunity to visit a working farm. We will be going to Nadine and Lance Wells’ farm on Monday, October 23rd.  The bus will depart at 9:30 and return by 12:00.   Each child will need to bring his/her own lunch that day for a picnic in the horse pasture (no glass containers, please).  There will be no cost to students for this trip. Please let me know if you have already submitted the paperwork and are able to help by being a chaperone for either of our upcoming field trips.   If you have not filled out the chaperone agreement form, please do so as soon as possible.  Thanks.

 On November 13th, we will be walking to Sterling Market to purchase items we need for our Harvest Celebration. We are also asking each family to send in $2.00 to help with the purchases. Chaperones are needed for this walking trip. Thank you.   


paper plates and cups            potting soil                          plastic silverware

blank CDs                             aluminum foil                      marbles

cloth scraps                           dish soap                              dress-up clothes

thread spools                        wood scraps                       seeds (any variety)

puppets                                  frog/fish food                      cotton balls

poly-fil                                  stickers (any)                       dried beans(any)

bubble stuff                           treasure box items             envelopes (any)

wrapping paper(used is fine)   cool whip containers         beads

photo paper                            note pads                             food coloring

rice                                        nuts (still in shells)         baggies (any size) 

*Baking Supplies: sugar, flour, molasses, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, cream of tarter, etc.




Classroom Information

We have a new rule at JES.  Personal toys are not allowed to be played with at school.  This includes cars, dolls, stuffed animals, fidgets, trading cards etc.  We are lucky to have lots of age appropriate toys here in our classroom!! 

Below is a list of all the sight words that have been or will be introduced to your kindergarten student before the end of the year.   Being familiar with these words will be a great benefit to the children as they start the first grade program next year.


 no       so        go        is

on       it

can      in         do        me        be       we

she      he        up        an        you      am

the      and      my       by        like      to

of         at         a          I           see      may

day      play     that     put   

   with    some

mom   dad      love    of 

        are       have 


Seasonal Fun!

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Happy Fall!


 We start school at:


 Meal Times:

Breakfast: 7:30-7:50 in classrooms

Snack- 9:30

Lunch 11:15-11:45


  I will introduce the “ONE-OF-A-KIND” Suitcase and Journal.  The suitcase will be filled with some of my special items and things to share with the class.  For example, I share my childhood teddy bear, my favorite book, pictures of my family, etc.     Each child will have the opportunity to bring home the suitcase to fill with some special items and pictures.  All items will be returned in your child’s backpack.   Thanks for completing the journal about your child.  This is a wonderful way to get to know our classmates and builds self-esteem.  



Unified Arts Schedule

Monday & Wednesday: Music with Ms. Greenwood

         P.E with Mr. Davis

Tuesday: Technology with Mr. Cavanaugh

                 Health with Ms. Hadley  (7 lessons)

Wednesday: Spanish with Ms. Stout

Thursday: Library with Ms. Stender

Guidance with Mr. Belt

Friday: Art with Ms. Arista

Members of the Johnson Fire Department will be at Johnson Elementary School on October 11th to present fire safety and fire prevention activities for our class.   The children will learn a lot and have fun with these volunteers.  

For your information:

There will be an early release day on October 18th for staff professional development. Dismissal is at 11:40.  October 19th and 20th are days off for the children, as well.  

Dates to Remember

October 18- Early Release Day- 11:40 dismissal

October 19 & 20- No school for the kids

Oct. 23- Field trip to Wells Farm

         -Picture Retake Day

Oct. 31- Pirate Day & Harvest Party and Mask Parade

Nov. 10- No School- Veterans Day Observance

Nov. 13- Shopping field trip to Sterling Market- 9:00 departure

Nov. 17- Kindergarten/Family Harvest Celebration 1:30-2:15

Nov. 20-Parent/Teacher conferences after school and evening

Nov. 21- Parent/Teacher conferences- Early Release Day Children will be dismissed at noon.  Conferences begin at 12:30.  Please call me if you did not sign up for a conference at Open House and would like to schedule one. Thanks

November 22-24- No school- Thanksgiving Break

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