Dedra Dolan

  Please be sure to label your child’s winter clothing to avoid mix-ups and lost items.  It is impossible for staff to keep track of all the ski pants, mittens, hats and boots that line our hallways!!!  Also, please be sure to send sneakers to school daily.  Children may leave their sneakers in their cubbies if that works better for families.  Thanks.


 Gingerbread wish list


sprinkles (any color or variety)

white or vanilla canned frosting

gum drops, m&ms, jelly beans, skittles, etc


dry ginger


chocolate chips


Field trips:

 The kindergarten classes are off to the Northern Vermont Christmas Tree Farm and Llama Company in Waterville.    This trip is scheduled for Tuesday December 17th and chaperones are needed.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you can be part of our field trip.  Our departure time is 9:00 and we’ll arrive back at school by 11:00 for our regular scheduled lunch time.   Please dress your child for outside fun.  Hats, mittens, boots and snow pants are a must! 


                                                 We start school at:


                          Meal Times:

Breakfast: 7:30-7:50 in classrooms

Snack- 9:30

Lunch 11:15-11:45


            J.E.S. has a partnership with the Union Bank called “Save for Success,” which enables interested families to open accounts for their children and make deposits at school on Thursday mornings.


Unified Arts Schedule

Monday & Wednesday: Music with Ms. Greenwood

         P.E with Mr. Davis

Tuesday: STEM with Ms. Cass

                 Health with Ms. Treadwell (every other week)

Thursday: Spanish with Ms. Stout

Thursday: Library with Ms. Stender

Personal Development with Mr. Belt

Friday: Art with Ms. Arista  


             Be Kind,  Be Thankful!

My name is Dedra Ann Dolan.  I was born a long time ago when a loaf of bread cost about 25 cents.  My mom and her parents before her, were life long residents of the wonderful town of Johnson, Vermont.  When I was just a baby my parents bought a tiny house on the end of Railroad Street where I grew up with my parents, two sisters and my Grampa living next door. I attended Johnson Elementary School as a child, but it was much smaller then.  We fondly called it "The Little School" back then!!  LUHS served me well during high school.  I  attended Johnson State College and became a teacher in 1989!  I was hired as a Kindergarten teacher at the Johnson Elementary School where I continue to teach today. This year is my 30th year teaching at this school and I am proud to be here.  My  home is just a 100 feet from my childhood home where I live with my two daughters, Dreanna and Delaney,  my foster daughter, Susanne,  three dogs, four cats and three fish! I often say, I have very deep, strong roots and a true commitment to the community and children of Johnson.



The holiday party for students is scheduled for Friday December 2oth.  We will not be exchanging gifts among the children and gifts for the teachers are not needed.  We will need special snacks and drinks for the party.  Please let me know if you will be able to send something for the party.  Thank you.  


Dates to Remember

 I want to give you the heads –up for one of my favorite events: GRANDPARENT’S DAY!  We have scheduled Grandparent’s day for April 10th this year and want to give you plenty of time to let all your child’s grandparents know they are invited to attend.  Our event begins at 12:30 and will include a performance, gifts and a complimentary lunch in the cafeteria with the grandchildren.  Please tell the grandparents to save the date and spend some time with us in Kindergarten!  

It is often true that the five year old child seldom communicates at home about his/her experiences at school.  In anticipation of this, I am planning to write often to touch base and explain some of the important activities and events in your child’s day.  In return, please feel free to share with me important events in your child’s life that would help me to better meet her/his needs here at school. 

Communication with parents is very important to me.  Please feel free to call me at 888-6752 or email me at with general questions or concerns.

Share Time

           Many children have been bringing in items to share for our science table or bringing in interesting items from home.  Others have been telling important things that are happening at home. I love share time! 

         Share time is an important component of any kindergarten classroom.  Each child’s social, emotional and language skills grow and develop from sharing activities.  The children learn to use descriptive language, practice being an active listener and share their special items with others.

Share time gives a child a chance to be the center of attention for a bit as he/she explains the significance of an event or an item while others ask questions.  This interaction can boost a child’s self-esteem and build confidence speaking to a group.

Share time does not have to revolve around an object.  Sharing a song, story, art project or special event are all encouraged ways for children to participate in share time.  

Below is a list of all the sight words that have been or will be introduced to your kindergarten student before the end of the year.   Being familiar with these words will be a great benefit to the children as they start the first grade program next year.


 no       so        go        is

on       it

can      in         do        me        be       we

she      he        up        an        you      am

the      and      my       by        like      to

of         at         a          I           see      may

day      play     that     put   

   with    some

mom   dad      love    of 

        are       have 

                                                  ECHO CENTER

Johnson Elementary School is in partnership with the ECHO Center in Burlington to bring STEM resources and training to our school.  This week, the children had the opportunity to free explore a kit designed by the ECHO center for our kindergarten classes reinforcing our study of force and motion.  As part of this partnership, we will be going on a field trip to the ECHO Center in the spring. Thank you ECHO Center!!!

"ECHO believes in science literacy for everyone. This allows global citizens to better understand their world and community. Our expert education staff works to create a connection to Lake Champlain that in turn helps develop a strong sense of stewardship – igniting a passion to make our home a better place.

STEM education at ECHO supports this idea of science literacy and real-world problem solving. When teaching about the properties of STEM, we focus on helping make connections back to the environment

We use the technological tools available to us to enhance – not replace – real world experiences, along with properties of engineering and hands-on learning in this applied science institution setting.” 

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