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It is often true that the five year old child seldom communicates at home about his/her experiences at school.  In anticipation of this, I am planning to write often to touch base and explain some of the important activities and events in your child’s day.  In return, please feel free to share with me important events in your child’s life that would help me to better meet her/his needs here at school. 

Communication with parents is very important to me.  Please feel free to call me at 888-6752 or email me at with general questions or comment.

Kindergarten Field Trip Notifications:

We  have scheduled a field trip to Vermont Christmas Tree Farm and Llama Company in Waterville for December 15th.  Chaperones are needed.  We will depart school at 8:45 and return by 11:00.  This is a perfect Vermont field trip.  

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As big, fluffy snowflakes were falling, the Johnson Elementary School Kindergarten kids walked merrily to the Community Bank on Main Street with homemade ornaments in hand.  Each child made three ornaments at school and had a nice time decorating the tree in the lobby set up by Jodi Tallman (Branch Supervisor) and the staff at the bank.  After a round of “Jingle Bells,” the bank staff gave cupcakes to all the kids as a special treat.  They also gave each child a pencil and candy cane to take home.    If you are in Johnson, stop by and see the beautiful display.

We would like to thank the staff at the Community Bank for allowing the kindergarten children to come to decorate their Christmas tree with handmade ornaments.


  If you plan to be a chaperone at any time during this school year, we encourage you to sign the chaperone agreement form and send it back to school to keep on file for the year.  We organize many field trips in Kindergarten and children love having their parents/grandparents come along.   

Science time- The kindergarten class will be exploring our 5 Senses!  The kids will learn their sense organs and the importance of the Five Senses!


paper plates and cups            potting soil                          plastic silverware

blank CDs                             aluminum foil                      marbles

cloth scraps                           dish soap                              dress-up clothes

thread spools                        wood scraps                       seeds (any variety)

puppets                                  frog/fish food                      cotton balls

poly-fil                                  stickers (any)                       dried beans(any)

bubble stuff                           treasure box items             envelopes (any)

wrapping paper(used is fine)   cool whip containers         beads

photo paper                            note pads                             food coloring

rice                                        nuts (still in shells)         baggies (any size) 

*Baking Supplies: sugar, flour, molasses, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, cream of tarter, etc.


My name is Dedra Ann Dolan.  I was born a long time ago when a loaf of bread cost about 25 cents.  My mom and her parents before her, were life long residents of the wonderful town of Johnson, Vermont.  When I was just a baby my parents bought a tiny house on the end of Railroad Street where I grew up with my parents, two sisters and my Grampa living next door. I attended Johnson Elementary School as a child, but it was much smaller then.  We fondly called it "The Little School" back then!!  LUHS served me well during high school.  I  attended Johnson State College and became a teacher in 1989!  I was hired as a Kindergarten teacher at the Johnson Elementary School where I continue to teach today.   My  home is just a 100 feet from my childhood home where I live with my two daughters, Dreanna and Delaney,  my foster daughter, Susanne,  three dogs, five cats and two fish! I often say, I have very deep, strong roots and a true commitment to the community and children of Johnson.

    Winter seems to be here in full swing.  The children will go out for recess daily unless the temperature/wind chill drops below 10 degrees.  We want our little ones to be warm and cozy, so please send appropriate clothing for outside play.  Hats, mittens, boots and ski-pants are a must. Labeling winter clothing with your child’s name or initials will help eliminate confusion.  It is a good idea to keep an extra set of clothes in the backpack and a sweater or sweatshirt as the temperature in our classroom will remain between 65-68 degrees. Thanks a bunch. 

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Below is a list of all the sight words that have been or will be introduced to your kindergarten student before the end of the year.   Being familiar with these words will be a great benefit to the children as they start the first grade program next year.


 no       so        go        is

on       it

can      in         do        me        be       we

she      he        up        an        you      am

the      and      my       by        like      to

of         at         a          I           see      may

day      play     that     put   

   with    some

mom   dad      love    of 

        are       have 


 We start school at:


 Meal Times:

Breakfast: 7:30-7:50 in classrooms

Snack- 9:30

Lunch 11:15-11:45



Unified Arts Schedule

Monday & Wednesday: Music with Ms. Greenwood

         P.E with Mr. Davis

Tuesday: Technology with Mr. Cavanaugh

                 Health with Ms. Hadley  (7 lessons)

Wednesday: Spanish with Ms. Stout

Thursday: Library with Ms. Stender

Guidance with Mr. Belt

Friday: Art with Ms. Arista  

Dates to Remember


Dec. 15th- Field trip to Northern VT Christmas Tree and Llama Farm

Dec. 22nd-The Great Kindergarten Gingerbread Adventure!!!

        Holiday Party in the classroom.  Special snacks to share are                welcome!

Dec. 23rd-Jan. 1- Holiday vacation. School resumes on January 2nd.



I want to give you the heads –up for one of my favorite events: 

GRANDPARENT’S DAY!  We have scheduled Grandparent’s day for April 13th this year and want to give you plenty of time to let all your child’s grandparents know they are invited to attend.  Our event begins at 12:15 and will include a performance, gifts and a complimentary lunch in the cafeteria with the grandchildren.  Please tell the grandparents to save the date and spend some time with us in Kindergarten!

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