Hillary Hoag


Spring Flower Patch

May 28th - No School. Memorial Day 

May 30th - Art Show 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Field Trip Information:
June 8th - Lamoille Nature Center. Leaving at 9:30 and returning by 1:15. 

Communication is extremely important to me. Please do not hesitate to contact me at 888- 6753 or hhoag@jesvt.org if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Unified Arts Schedule:

Monday: P.E. & Music

Tuesday: Library

Wednesday: Technology, P.E. & Music

Thursday: Guidance & ART

Health, 7 lessons per year

Friday: Spanish


Here is the list of Sight Words for the year: 

        the      see      and      by      my      is               it      in     if        mom    dad      love   can   man            ran   you   this     that     are       at      as     am              an    he     she      be       me       we     he    no                go    so      do        to       like      with   on    up                all    us      here    have    some    come  put  was            saw 


Math is such as exciting time in Kindergarten. We are laying the foundation for early number concepts and number sense. The children are exploring ways to make numbers using “Math Hands” and other hands on activities such as apples on a tree. We count every morning using our giant Rekenrek (white & red beads on a wire) or other movement activities.  Counting to 100 is an end of the year expectation in Kindergarten. Counting at home with your child would definitely help to reinforce this concept. Subitizing is an activity where the children learn to instantly recognize arrangements of patterns on cards, dice, hands and dominoes. I will hold up a card with dots for only 1 to 3 seconds, tell the children to “Put it in your head or take a picture”, then ask “How many dots did you see?” and “What did the pattern look like?” They truly enjoy this activity and are getting really good at it! The children are also learning about tally marks, number identification, the "tricky teen" numbers, ways to make 10, word problems and subtraction. 


We will finish up the year with Informational Writing. The children wrote reports on a topic that they are already experts on. Then the children picked something that they wanted to learn more about. We are researching our topics and will share our final reports with each other. Some of the interesting topics are Rocks, Panda Bears, Giant Squid and Zebras. 

                    Science or Social Studies:  

We have been learning about how to take care of our Earth. The children learned about the 3 R's, composting and how to keep the Earth healthy. Elly Ventura from LRSWMD visited us and taught us an Earth pledge. We greened up outside of our school and raked out the flower beds. The children made amazing masterpieces out of the recycled materials that you donated from home. They worked so well together. We got lots of compliments on our Junk Museum. 

Reduce reuse recycle clipart club

We will spend the next few weeks learning about our lovely feathered friends. 

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