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All students are encouraged and expected to be respectful, responsible, and safe in every setting.

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*News for parents: 

Please be on the lookout for your child receiving a "Kudos Card" from his/ her classes. We don't always have time to contact about the wonderful things your child is doing in school and we want to make sure their efforts are acknowledged and that you know about them. These cards thank students for going above and beyond in school and we want them to know it is noticed and appreciated!

Make sure to check our the Johnson Elementary School calendar for upcoming events. 

Science- We will begin our science explorations with first becoming familiar with the Next Generation Science Standards (new set of national, researched based standards tailored to science but these standards also have a focus on incorporating math, writing, and reading common core standards and skill sets). We will explore how to use the engineering design process, incorporate CERR (claim, evidence, response, and rebuttal) into our work, and also use the scientific method at times. When introducing these new processes in science, students will become bubble-ologists.  They will practice using these methods during an investigation on bubble creation, surface tension, and substance mixtures. We will then move into life science and work with cells and ecosystems. Next, we will explore the systems of the body hoping to find deeper understandings of how everything works together. Lastly, we will visit Earth Science Standards. We will discuss weather, climate, and our human impact on the environment. 

A slide show will soon be added with pictures of our science investigations! Please check back.

Please encourage your engineer to build the best, be the best, and discover the wonderful world of science! 

Math- Our math class is currently in a developmental stage as we begin the school year. It is important for me to find their areas of strength, as well as, weakness. We have been working through quick reviews to get our minds back on math and have begun work in the new Connected Math Program for 6th grade students. This program is research- based and reflected upon the Common Core State Standards which now require higher level thinking skills for students. Our math class has rotating group work, whole group work, and class discussions. Depending on content, we will begin with a problem of the day, work through it, then use CERR (method also used in science) in our big key understandings. There will also be a focus on the state standards and students will be decoding them to make sure they, themselves are meeting what is required of them.  

Homework will not be given every night, however if work is not completed during class time OR more practice is needed, then work will be sent home. During instruction, there are multiple check-ins for understanding and informal assessments are also given to make sure students are proficient in their learning. 

Reading & Writing- We are currently working through the first 20 days of introducing the "Reading and Writing Workshop". Students have created writer's notebooks reflecting their writing and readings in literature. These entries respond to texts, analyze texts, and help students work through learning the qualities of being a good reader. The notebooks also include ways to generate ideas for writing.  We will be focusing on different types of narrative writing, informational writing, and argumentative writing throughout the year. Other writing pieces will address writing ideas, word choice, sentence frequency, voice, organization and conventions. There will be a journal entry for students to complete due once a week for revising and editing work. For reading, every night there will be a 20 minute reading assignment to complete. We are building our reading stamina and parents support is needed with this task at home. We also will be having weekly conferences about our readings and books will be checked to make sure students are reading at or above their F&P reading level. 

Please view our class schedule below! Thank you for visiting our page and your support regarding your child's learning is appreciated!!

Gibble 6th grade schedule