Multiplication Poetry


Multiplication is more powerful than addition. It is repeated addition!

4x 5= 5+5+5+5

Plant x time = trees  (Hayden)

Costume x trick or treat = Halloween (Annabelle)

Junk x food = hyper kids (Jasmine)

Pumpkin x knife = jack o lanterns

Fire x light = sun

Words x paper = books

Organisms x skin = human bodies (Ash)

Tadpole x food = frog (Desirae)

Candy x kid = fat kids (Angus)

Little sister x not getting her way = tantrums (Kayla)

Egg x stove = scrambled eggs

Fishing x time = fish (William)

Wedding x true love = fairy tales (Kitana)

Witch x spell = toads (Yzabellah)

Bedroom x toys on floor = messy rooms

Dragon x knight = dead knights (Addie)

Blind person x dog = seeing-eye dogs (Lily)

Tree x logger = stumps

Man x deer = food (Kaiden)

Tire x metal = cars (Ashton)

People x time = crammed planet

Bad people x weapons = crimes

No weapons x kind people = no jails (George)

Fly x swatters = dead flies (Merissa)

Father x jail = sad daughters (Makenna)

Pizza x kids = all gone (Morganne)

Lead x wood = pencils (Mercedes)

Light bulb x time = dead bulbs

 Lake x oil spill = dead fish (Jackson)

Rattlesnake x mouse = dead mice (Landin)

Bird x window = deaths

cat x mouse = deaths

Fox x farm = trouble (Jordan)

Pancake x syrup = breakfasts (Bryce)

Train x magnet = bullet trains

Assassin x man = murder scenes

Saxophone x reed = music

Hammer x mirror = Seven x seven years bad luck

Alien x people x planet = invasions (Joey)


 It doesn’t matter which order you multiply factors.

2 x 3 x 4 = 24

3 x 2 x 4 = 24

4 x 2 x 3 =24

Pumpkin seed x dirt x water = pumpkins

Water x pumpkin seed x water = pumpkins (Ash)

Kid x candy x costume = Halloween parties

Costume x kid x candy = Halloween parties (Sierra)

Kid x money x food = happy happy

Food x money x food = happy happy (Cassidy)

Cat x mouse x outside = a lot of dead animals

Outside x cat x mouse = a lot of dead animals (William)

Candy x soda x sugar = really sick kids

Sugar x candy x soda = really sick kids (Yzabellah)

Chocolate x kid x parent not paying attention = kids full of chocolate

Parent not paying attention x chocolate x kid x  = kids full of chocolate   (Addie)

Pitcher x baseball x bat = home runs

Baseball x pitcher x  bat = home runs (Kaiden)

People x time x zombies = apocalypse 

Zombies x people x time  = apocalypse  (George)

Halloween x Christmas x Easter = holidays 

Christmas x Halloween x Easter = holidays (Lauryn)

Momma bear x baby bear x human = mad momma bears

Baby bear x human x mooma bear = mad momma bears (Landin)

Army x enemy x gun = war

Enemy x gun x army = war (Bryce)

Bank x robber x police = arrests

Police x bank x robber = arrests (Joey)


The Distributive Property means that you get the same answer when you multiply a number by a group of numbers added together as when you do each multiplication separately

Example: 3 × (2 + 4) = 3×2 + 3×4

Fun x (mountain + ocean) = climbing + swimming (Annabelle)

Boys x (anger + unsupervised) = broken arms, broken arms and black eyes + black eyes, broken legs and broken arms (Kitana)

Kids x (cookies + broccoli) = yum + yuk (Sean)

Woman x (man + marry) = babies + love

No clothes x (kid + no money) = naked kids + poor (Lily)

Man x (fish + bear) = food + rugs (Kaiden)

Success x (basketball x baseball) = baskets + home runs (Jackson)

Doctor x (scalpel + flu) = surgeries + healed people

Bully x (nerd + teacher) = beat up nerds + detentions (Joey)