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Nick Lodge
Grade 4
Room 311
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So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu

                                                              Sound of Music


So that’s that then! Frank Sinatra was right; we have reached the final curtain! It seems that September was only just here, but the seasons have cycled and brought us back here! Let’s hope we are all a year older and all a year wiser!

A hectic spring of testing, making circuits, chasing patterns and geometry, writing on the Revolutionary War, team rewards (which always seemed to favor versions of medic upon student insistence), reminding students that there were still a number weeks left, art shows, carnivals, field days, concerts and plays…

And now…

Vocal chords are resting after being used to effect in the talent show and the final burger has been eaten at the final community barbeque. The armfuls of artwork, old books and papers, as well as the missing winter boot, have been brought home and dumped in the hallway for someone else to deal with. The chromebooks have been turned off and unplugged. We have bid farewell to Mrs. Russell as she moves closer to home and starts teaching at Ottauquechee school, as well as to Mr. Macderment who will be occupying a different gym in Chittenden county.

The school year is finished. It’s summer!

As this is just another paper, amongst a forest-wide slew of other papers in the report card envelope, I will keep it brief.

I have genuinely enjoyed spending the past year  in the company of your student, and I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my thanks. When you spend 6 hours a day in a room with fourth graders, you hope that they will be engaging and fun.  They certainly have been that! As a class they built a community and conflict was minimal. Any conflict, they dealt with and moved past. I’m not upset that I rarely had the need to complete the office referral forms. It truly has been a pleasure!

I will miss our new 5th graders and wish them well. I’m sure that they won’t be strangers.

A final note of thanks to  Donna Griffiths and Heather Rodriguez  who have faithfully been teaching 4 Winds all year! While I’m at it a thank you to all of you for your support!

I will be spending some of the summer back home in England seeing family with my wife and teen son, while my daughter interns at an environmental studies center on Chesapeake Bay. Whatever your plans may be this summer, I hope that the time between today and the end of August is filled with health and happiness.

And with that, that’s that!

I wish you all a very happy summer.


Nick Lodge           





Marc’s design to use conservation of energy to pop a balloon.






Tristan graphs Skittles data.











Have you ever heard of the Revolutionary War? If  we didn’t have the Revolutionary War Britain would still rule us. We would still be paying taxes to the British government. I  would not like that. Would you? In the book you will learn about Paul Revere and how he  made propaganda. That is unfair or misleading information used to persuade people to think or see things in a particular way. You will also learn about the Revolutionary War.

                                               Introduction to Jeremiah's informational book





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Dissatisfaction with a bathroom tax leads to revolution.


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