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Physical Education Values: The core values are: create relationships within themselves and others to develop an awareness of who they are and how to collaborate with others, create understand to allow them to apply the tools to improve physical fitnesstransferable skills to not become robots and take the skill development into application, creating meaning to develop a personal connection with the work and to become self-discipline to continue to work because of the personal connection, value physical activity to enjoy the challenge and develop a pleasant personality when it comes to being physically active, and reflect on having the ability to improve judgement and plan on what to do next. 

Report Card Standards:

  • Approach to work: student demonstrates effective, personal work habits by following school/classroom expectations.
  • Approach to work: student demonstrates appropriate interactions by working cooperatively with others and respecting diversity, feelings, and property of others. 
  • Performing: students can demonstrate competency in a variety of motor skills and movement. 
  • Responding: students can demonstrate knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness. 
  • Connecting: students can recognize the value of physical education activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interactions. 

JES Elementary PE Grading Guide




This grading guide is set for a 2 component grade on an elementary PE report card for the following 2 areas:


1) Participation (Skills/Knowledge/Effort)


2) Conduct (Behavior and Social Interactions)

For each component a 4 for “Proficient with Distinction”, a 3 for “Proficient”, a 2 for “Partially Proficient”, a 1 for “Substantially below Proficient”, and a 0 for “Little to No Evidence” can be assigned based on the following criteria:




1) A Participation Grade (Skill/Knowledge/Effort)  is given to each student for the trimester based on the following 5 scores:

1.     Skill or Knowledge Test 1               (0, 1, or 2 points)

2.     Skill or Knowledge Test 2               (0, 1, or 2 points)

3.     Skill or Knowledge Test 3               (0, 1, or 2 points)

4.     Effort                                                (0, 1, or 2 points)

5.     Preparation for Class                      (0, 1, or 2 points)


                                                TOTAL =          10 Points


 4 – Student scored 10 total points

 3 – Student scored 7 - 9 total points

 2 – Student scored 5 total points

 1 – Student scored 4 total points

 0 – Student scored 3 total points or below


******See following page for participation rubrics******

Skill Tests (i.e. basketball dribbling, locomotor movement):


3 - The student performs the skill fluently, rhythmically, and consistently with very few mistakes


2- The student can perform the skill with some fluency but may be inconsistent in his/her rhythmic motion

 1- The student struggles to perform the skill with any consistency or fluency.

Knowledge Tests (i.e. 1.volleyball rules test, 2.identify skipping cues):


3 – The student scored an average of 90% or higher on knowledge assessment


– The student scored an average of 70% or higher on knowledge assessment


1 - The student scored an average of below 70% on knowledge assessment


Effort Rubric (day in, day out effort in PE class:


3– The student consistently exhibited an exemplary and exceptional amount of effort during the fitness, skill development and game situations within this grading period.


– The student displayed an appropriate and satisfactory amount of effort during the fitness, skill development and game situations within this grading period.


1- The student displayed a poor and unsatisfactory amount of effort during the fitness, skill development and game situations within this grading period.


Preparation for Class Rubric (dressed out and/or prepared to learn:


3 – The student was prepared with sneakers for every class within this trimester.


2 – The student was prepared with sneakers for most of the classes but missed out 1 to 3 times during this trimester.


1 - The student was unprepared and did not wear sneakers for several classes during this trimester. They missed over 3 times and the parents were notified.



2) The Conduct Grade is given to each student using the following rubric: 

 3 - The student consistently exhitbited exceptional/outstanding behavior while displaying leadership in daily classes by helping demonstrate skills, answering questions and leading others to make good behavioral choices, throughout this trimester.  

2- The student displayed appropriate behvaior, adequently listening to and following the P.E. teacher's directions throughout this trimester.

1 - The students inconsistently followed the teacher's directions and had 3 or more behavioral write-up's (Time-Away/Buddy Room/Office Referrals) throughout this trimester. The parents were given notification via the students progress report.   


JES Elementary PE Technology 

Interactive Health Technologies (IHT) Spirit System: 

The Spirit System is a web-based assessment system that uses heart rate monitors that your child will wear in PE class. The heart rate monitors are designed specifically for physical education to help the students gain instant feedback on their effort. They will also engage and educate students on a variety of fitness activities that optimize cardiovascular endurance, stamina, flexibility, speed, core strength, power, coordination, and self-confidence. In addition, you and your child will receive feedback as soon as class ends, through emailed reports.

In addition, the Spirit Curriculum - Student Resources will encourage students to keep a journal and to complete worksheets throughout the semester that include fitness, nutrition, and self-awareness lesson work. These resources will also help our staff better engage you and your family in order to best support your child in all aspects of their life.

The IHT Spirit System is designed to lend a hand to both teacher and student. Our department goals are to help your child better understand their own health and take ownership of their overall well-being for life. We also want to integrate tools like the Spirit System to assist our efforts in measuring the effectiveness and success of our physical education program. 

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Remember that students are required to wear sneakers for all indoor PE classes.  If your son or daughter has outgrown a pair of sneakers and they are still in good shape please send them to Mr. Davis for students to borrow!

Greg Davis (Mr. Davis) 
Phone: 802-888-6767

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