Johnson Town School District: Johnson Elementary School Former Board Policy Manual Expiered 6/30/2017

Updated:  09-13/2017

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 Code Policy Maintenance Date Adopted Required
Policy Development, Adoption, Dissemination, Administration, and Review 08/11/2014 

 Code Board Membership Date Adopted Required
 B1 Board Member Education01/07/2008 
 B2 Board Goal Setting and Self-Evaluation 01/07/2008 
 B3 Board Member Conflict of Interest09/08/2013

 Code Personnel Date Adopted Required
D1Personnel—Recruitment, Selection, Appointment05/05/2008
D2 Professional Development06/09/2014Required
D3Job Descriptions05/05/2008 
D4 Evaluation and Supervision of Staff05/05/2008 
D5 Personnel Files05/05/2008 
D6 Substitute Teachers11/11/2013Required
D7 Student Teachers05/05/2008 
D8 School Volunteers06/09/2014Required
D9 Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace05/05/2008Required
 D10 Resignations05/05/2008 
 D11 Public Complaints About Personnel10/13/2014 
 D12 Mandatory Drug & Alcohol Testing: Transportation Employees05/05/2008Required
 D13 Personnel, Other05/05/2008 
 D14 Health Insurance Personnel, Other Portability & Accountability Act Compliance05/05/2008Required
 D15 Prevention of Harassment of Employees11/11/2013Required

 CodeBusiness and Non-Instructional Operations Date Adopted Required
E1Fiscal Management & General Financial Accountability01/05/2009 
E3Financial Reports and Statements01/05/2009
E4Risk Management01/05/2009 
E5 Emergency Closings01/05/2009 
E6 Safety and Security of School Facilities01/05/2009 
E7 School Crisis Prevention & Response01/05/2009 
E8 Tobacco Prevention01/05/2009Required
E9 Comprehensive HIV Policy for Schools Pre-K to 1201/05/2009 

CodeStudents Date Adopted Required
F1Student Conduct and Discipline 05/09/2016 
F2Bus Discipline 06/01/2000 
F3Tobacco Prohibition 06/01/2000 
F4Search and Seizure 05/09/2016 
  Procedures for Policy F4 Search and Seizure05/09/2016 
F5Interrogation or Searches of Students by Law Enforcement Officers Other Non‑School Personnel 06/01/2000 
F6Student Records 11/11/2013Required 
F7Student Safety 06/01/2000 
F8Student Medication 11/06/2001 
F9Alcohol and Drug Abuse 12/09/2013Required 
F10Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect 11/06/2001 
F11AIDS or HIV 11/06/2001 
F12Transportation 03/19/2012Required 
F13Student Activities05/09/2016 
F14Admission of Resident Students 11/06/2001 
F15Admission of Non‑Resident Tuition Students 11/06/2001 
F16Admittance to Pre-School, Kindergarten and/or Grade One 03/19/2012 
F17Student Publications 11/06/2001 
F18Head Lice 03/19/2012 
F19Limited English Proficiency Students 03/19/2012Required 
F21Firearms 12/12/2012Required 
F22Assignment to Classes 11/06/2001 
F23Accidental Breakage Student Property 11/06/2001 
F24Child Identification 11/06/2001 
F25Special Education Compliance 05/07/2002 
F26Participation of Home Study Students & Partial Enrollment 03/19/2012Required 
F27Student Assessment 05/07/2012 
F29Student Attendance 03/19/2012Required 
F30Protection of Pupil Rights 06/11/2012Required 
F31Wellness 09/12/2006Required 
F32Complaint Resolution Procedure for No Child Left Behind Programs 09/10/2007 
F34Prevention of Harassment, Hazing and Bullying of Students10/12/2015Required 
  Procedures for Policy F34: Prevention of Harassment, Hazing, and Bullying of Students 10/12/2015 Required